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Live As Boris Johnson Makes Covid Announcement From Downing Street

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks outside the UK on Wednesday afternoon for information on coronavirus numbers and rule changes.

Mr Johnson speaks from Downing Street before new rules for travel are set on Thursday.

The rules that a hotel quarantine means for everyone who comes to the UK from a high risk country will be determined tomorrow as soon as new portals go online.

This allows people to book their mandatory quarantine and tests before they travel.

Mr Johnson could also address financial assistance in his statement today, having previously been challenged in the House of Commons.

He was asked to indicate whether the government is expanding its support for businesses and whether it will extend the vacation program that is used to pay people who are unable to work on the pandemic.

Mr Johnson was also asked today if he could commit to reopening schools on March 8 – which he couldn’t.

There is also increasing uncertainty about whether people in the UK will be able to take a summer vacation this year.

When it comes to vaccinations, Mr Johnson is likely to announce that more people will be able to get the sting in the next few days – with inits likely to be sent to those over 65 and those with underlying health conditions.